Carleen Ross is a wildlife artist and author who lives in Sherwood Park with her husband and their two boys. 

The main focus of her artwork is that of the endangered sea turtle and in her first book Journey to the Sea Turtle, she shares her sea turtle artwork and the messages she received while creating each piece. The messages she shares fundamentally express that change begins within oneself.

Carleen creates two distinct styles of animal art, one that is highly realistic while the other is more abstract in its colour choices. Both styles have been described as having a dreamscape reality to them. Through these two styles Carleen has found a way to visually express how she sees the world.

Her artwork can be seen in homes across North America, Italy, Spain and Mexico. 

What subject matter inspires me? 

It won't come as a surprise that I love painting the sea turtle. This is because of the colours I can see within this animal and that I can help promote ocean awareness through my artwork.

What other artists inspire me? 

I love looking at Lyn Vik's artwork @lynvik_afc (instagram), and Jori (@joriginals1 - Instagram, & facebook) artwork.

What are you doing when you are not creating art?

When I am not creating my artwork I am living a full life. I support others with their grief and stress within my coaching business, I am a student in a Masters of Arts Counselling Psychology program, I help my husband with our family vineyard and I am chasing two equally busy teenage boys. So I guess the answer is I am very tired when I am not creating art!

How long have I been creating art to show?

I really began when my first son was born, so about 16 years ago. At that time I was creating impressionistic art pieces of children, and by the time my second son was about three (13 years ago) I began creating wildlife artwork and was being shown in art galleries. 

My background as an artist?

I am a self taught artist. My background is a BSc. in Psychology and in the holistic field. When I was in high school my art teacher told me I was not very good, so I did not continue with creating art for a long time. Having this experience I now conduct inspiration talks for others using my artwork to inspire them to believe in themselves. I think that it is funny now, that my old teacher thought that Robert Bateman wildlife artwork was beyond my capabilities and now I have my art in some of the same calendars as him. 

How to keep me inspired?

The number one way I keep myself inspired is to live! To get out into the world and try to see it through different lenses. Try and see what others miss, especially colours and the beauty that surrounds us. 

What does my art say about me?

I have been told that it brings others hope.

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