Gloria works in many mediums, with her primary passion being in oils and alcohol inks (on glass).  She is self-taught, but has been influenced by many amazing art teachers throughout the years. She prides herself on the ability to bring both color and movement into her work. Her love of painting stems from the element of problem-solving when creating artistic pieces, as well as the overall story behind her work.

What subject matter inspires you? 

Children and Flowers are probably the most inspirational for me. My family also inspires me to try new techniques and they are my biggest fans.

What other artists inspire you? 

Erin Hanson who is considered to be the originator of painting style called “Open Impressionism. 

What are you doing if you are not creating Art? 

I am a Nana to three little granddaughters all under the age of 6. My husband and myself enjoy spending time with them. I am also involved with the Art Society of Strathcona County.

How long have you been creating art to show? 

I have been showing my art since 2012. 

What is your background in? 

I am a retired Executive Search Business Owner.  Specializing  in the recruitment of Sales Marketing and Management professionals   for Fortune 500 companies in Canada/USA.

Are you a formally trained artist or self taught?

I am a self taught artist. When I started 20 years ago I had the honour to be taught by a master oil landscape artist for several years.  I will be forever thankful to him for teaching me the basic techniques and knowledge of how to paint like the masters. I continue  a life long journey of improving my ability to create through ongoing workshops and online learning.

How do you keep yourself inspired to create? 

I could look at art all day long. I find that inspiring. I also love nature and that too is so inspiring to me.

What does your art say about you? 

Great Question: my art is an expression of the endless things in life that intrigue me. I love to paint in many mediums and also many different subject matters. I get bored easy. I enjoy the thought required in the creative process and the movement of just laying down paint. I love the way a painting comes together. I think I am a problem solver and painting always has a challenge lurking right around the corner.

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