Kay MCormack

What subject matter inspires you?

Animals for sure, Canadian wildlife in particular

What other artists inspire you?

Many local artists and through Instagram I am enjoying finding sculpture artists all over the world

What are you doing when you’re not creating art?

Relaxing walks or sports with my dog.

How long have you been creating art to show?

Since about 2008 when I started painting, but since 2010 for soapstone sculpture and just the last couple years for clay.

What’s your background in? 

35 years Veterinary Medicine as an Animal Health Technologist and Clinic manager

Are you formally trained artist or self taught?

 I am self taught and have taken some workshops

How do you keep yourself inspired to create?

I am inspired by looking at other artist's work and taking workshops

What does your art say about you?

I hope it says I care about all animals and our world and environment.

15 photo(s) Updated on: 2022-05-14

"I find that sculpting in either clay or soapstone gives me the textural and realism that other forms can't give me. It is a tactile process with your hands in the medium however messy, it is what immerses me."

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