Winning Art 2019
High School Student Art Show and Competition

14 photo(s) Updated on: 2019-05-21
  • "Lemmy Kilmister" Best Drawing and 2nd Place Gr. 12 by Natasha Skorobohach FACEY
  • "Pride" by Juliana Marques, 3rd place Gr. 11 ARD
  • "Max" by Joeley Piersdorf, 2nd place Gr 11 SAL
  • "Science Guy" by Anna Burzynska 1st Place Gr.11 SAL
  • "Beauty" by Hayley Archer, 3rd Place GR 10 ABJ
  • "Boop" by Padilla Pous 2nd place Gr 10 SAL
  • "Timeless" by Molly Sakhuja 1st place Gr 10 SAL
  • "Velvet Light" by Jackie Hagstrom Best Painting FACEY
  • "Untitled" 1st Place Gr 12 and Best in Show by Madilyn Orchard ARD
  • "The Perfect Image" by Emily Desfosses Best 3D ABJ
  • "Mind Over Matter" by Olivia Cazemier Best Mixed Media ARD
  • "Don't Stop Me Now" by Chantel LaBrie Best Abstract ARD
  • "Deja Vu" by Alice Rose, Best Photograph FACEY
  • "Chico Mendez" by Elizabeth Housch Best Portrait ABJ
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