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Alberta born Elaine Tweedy applies bold rich color and strong brushstrokes to create vibrant paintings. Studying under Eileen Raucher Sutton (SuttonArt), she has developed her own personal style of artistic expression.

Being raised in the rural countryside, Elaine has a deep feeling for space, color and light. This is apparent in her prairie and mountain paintings. Elaine’s love of flora and fauna is not limited to garden and floral paintings but also incorporated into many of her landscape scenes.

With a penchant for painting ‘en plein-air’ Elaine becomes one with nature. She has spent endless hours locating those special scenes and recreating them in perpetuity on canvas. Her travels have given her abundant resources and inspiration.

Elaine’s participation in group and solo shows is ongoing. As her works have gained recognition she is pleased to have them featured in a number of fine art galleries in Alberta. Her paintings are included in many private, corporate and government collections in Canada and internationally.
Acrylic, Watercolour and mixed media
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Title 1
Crimson Poppies
Photo 2
Title 2
Path in the Poplas, Jasper
Photo 3
Title 3
Pears and Scarf III

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