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Being a resident of the County of Strathcona since 1952, Sonja has witnessed the extensive growth and changes within the County, however, she still finds places where quiet and peace prevail. The wildlife in the County and in Alberta in "general" are a fascination and creep into almost all of her paintings. Painting was only a dream for so many years and it was only in 1997 through the encouragement of a friend that she actually set aside time to put some oil on canvas. She is self taught in oils and watercolors, and continues to live in and love the County of Strathcona and its beauty.
Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Soapstone
Artwork 1
Title 1
Love those Bunnies!
Artwork 2
Title 2
Triple View of the Castle
Artwork 3
Title 3
On Track Thru Alberta, Oil, 22 x 26 framed

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