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GOLDEN WATERMEDIA DEMO/ LECTURE- Samantha Williams-Chapelsky

  • 2019-04-26
  • 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
  • A.J. Ottewell Centre 590 Broadmoor Blvd Sherwood Park
  • 25




 With Samantha Williams-Chapelsky (Golden Rep)

Information for Traditional Watercolors, Beginners, Experienced Painters, Journal Artists and Mixed Media Artists, anyone and everyone.


Discover the wide range of GOLDEN paints that are fluid in motion: High Flow, Fluid Colors, and QoR Watercolor. Learn how to make the best archival choices from a collection of products. Beginning with traditional watercolor techniques using QoR Watercolor, we move into more contemporary ideas including using GOLDEN products in journaling. This will include an assortment of applications such as: pouring, staining, granulation, blooms, splash, and “white-out” tricks for saving that uncooperative watercolor painting. We will then work with QoR Watercolors in combination with GOLDEN Acrylics to explore the resoluability of watercolor and the permanence of acrylics. Finally, attendees will learn how to take advantage of GOLDEN and QoR Grounds to create myriad surfaces for their work: from paper-like surfaces with the QoR Grounds, to utilizing unique substrates such as wood panels, fabrics, and plastics with GOLDEN Grounds. Finally, we will cover the options of Archival Varnishing of watercolor surfaces, for preservation without using glass. Attendees will receive a selection of the products discussed to take home and explore the breadth and depth of GOLDEN’s professional product line.

Friday evening April 26, 2019 from 7-9:30pm

Cost - $10 members /$15 non-members - Includes finger food and beverage

Register: Online at PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Debit. For more information phone 780-449-4443 or email

Golden WaterMedia Demo and Lecutre.pdf

Payment must be made at time of Registration

If cancelling $10 will be deducted from refund; no refunds on cancellations within two weeks of workshop. Refunds will be made within one month.





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