Workshop with Francis Marte - Hyper Realism Watercolors

  • 2024-11-03
  • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • A. J. Ottewell Centre (Red Barn), 590 Broadmoor Blvd, Sherwood Park
  • 12

Workshop with Francis Marte - Hyper Realism Watercolors

Are you ready to make a dent in the world of watercolours? This workshop is designed to explore various techniques for you to apply for similar future paintings. Guided by a reference photo, the instructor will demo step-by-step on how to achieve this realistic, maritimes scene. 

  • In this workshop, you will learn:

  • 1.     How to choose a good composition and reference photo 
  • 2.     How to trace or draw the reference photo on watercolour paper
  • 3.     How to prep your painting – stretching paper perfectly, mounting paper on board and choosing the materials for mounting
  • 4.     How to analyze your reference photo to identify what techniques, colour pigments and other materials to use
  • 5.     Materials list – the instructor will provide the recommended materials (paints, paper, brushes, palette, masking fluid, etc.) and explain the functions and properties of each material, and substitutes
  • 6.     How to apply masking fluid
  • 7.     How to mix various pigments with water and other pigments to achieve interesting washes and textures for this painting
  • 8.     How to paint the first layers – blues and yellows
  • 9.     How to paint the second layers – shadows and darker values
  • 10.  How to pay attention to value and tone and compare with the reference photo
  • 11.  How to paint more layers on the darker values – identify what various pigments can be used and how to layer them using wet-on-wet technique
  • 12.  How to meticulously paint details
  • 13.  How to paint water ripples and reflections
  • 14.  How to correct mistakes, check for accuracy and cleanliness
  • Marte Poster.pdf
  • Marte Supply List 2024.pdf

The instructor has carefully timed this workshop for 5.5 hours, with a half hour break at noon. A material list is in a separate document. Instructions for trace transferring the photo reference on the watercolour paper will be sent two weeks before the workshop starts. Students will bring the watercolour paper in class with the drawing on the paper ready. Students can also arrive 30 mins before to trace  transfer, with instructor’s assistance. It is recommended that students gather around the instructor during demos, but the instructor will also walk around to check on students’ progress and answer questions. 

NOVEMBER 3, 2024 ....9:30 AM TO 4 PM

Members $70.00 Non Members:  $90.00

Supply List on Line.... Bring your own Lunch!

Register: Online at PayPal, visa, MasterCard

For more information phone 780-449-4443 or email

We are located in the A.J.Ottewell Centre (the Barn) 590 Broadmoor Blvd.

Registration is not official until payment is received

If cancelling $10 will be deducted from refund; however, no refunds on cancellations within one week of workshop.  Refunds will be made within one month. 

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